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Site Redesign...

2012-02-09 02:33:54 by cjsnow1

This is going to need some getting used to.... Where's the Weekly Top 5 on the Audio Page?


2011-12-18 22:02:03 by cjsnow1

All my audio is gone? Not everything used samples. Just the shit from this year.... Is an appeal in order?

Awaiting Approval???

2011-12-16 00:31:02 by cjsnow1

Why do DJD's tracks still say Awaiting Approval when his User Page is Gone?

Awaiting Approval???


2011-12-15 04:39:38 by cjsnow1

In lieu of DJ-Delinquent's Audio Takedown I just got done backing up all my submissions that aren't on my PC. It's mostly the shit I've UPPED in '09 & '10. Most of this year's stuff is also on my Last.FM page as well. :)

EDIT: I am now upping all my tracks that won't break copyright onto souncloud

LIberal Shimmering - SoundCloud

Punk-O-Matic 2 Composition

2011-09-20 05:44:13 by cjsnow1

Man I wish I could make this IRL.
(Untitled Song)bK-gbF-gbL-gbM-Z-Ycz-cbP-gbT-gbT-
gbU-gcb-gcb-Acr-gcx-Z-Z-Z-Z-w,mZ-cmZ-c nu-gmZ-cgL-cnu-gaT-caA-cah-cbm-aaT-aaA -b!!-aaT-aaA-cbm-aaTaAaheBcKeicrdPbYdw bFddbmaTaAah-cah-sbD-cay-caf-cae-cbD-c ay-caf-cae-cbC-cax-cae-cbC-kbj-caQ-cax -cae-cam-abr-aaY-aam-aam-acP-acd-aaY-a am-akd-aiV-aen-aam-aam-aiV-aen-aam-aam -aiV-aam-aam-aam-Z-Z-Z-Z-q,fV-cfV-cgq-
cbd-caq-cad-cad-cbd-caq-cad-ghu-gaQ-ca D-caq-cad-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-k,-dgp-cgR-kgp-cgI -ggN-Z-EbD-cay-caf-cab-cbz-cau-cab-cbz -kbg-caN-cau-cab-kab-caN-cdJ-cbg-aec-a ab-cbg-aec-aab-cbg-aec-aab-Z-Z-Z-Z-s

2nd Year anniversary

2011-09-20 02:46:39 by cjsnow1

As of two weeks ago it is now my second year anniversary of my being here on the portal. I'm happy to have made this my home for my semi-mediocre music. Some of it is awesome while some of it sucks. At least I've made a lot of progress since 2009.

I've mostly refined my submissions to Hip Hop while still uploading other genres like the occasional ambient, dubstep, or metal track. I'm happy with the way I've gone with my musical direction and hope everyone else is too. If you're not, I'm fine just so long as you don't bash me about it.

Sooner or later (hopefully sooner than later) I'll save up enough money to go out and buy an Electric Guitar and teach myself how to play. When and/or if that happens you'd better believe I'll be uploading a lot more. Anything from a Jam Session to a Short Loop to a Short Song to a Long-ass 20 Minute Epic. I could also have one of my friends teach me. Save me some time I'd bet. Most if not all of the drum tracks (if there are any) would be programmed. I hope to upgrade my POS Linux PC, putting a bigger Hard Drive and more RAM into it. Oh, and a new Motherboard. Damn MoBo fan. :(

Well, that's all I've got to say right now. Stay tuned for more tracks coming down the pipes. Me and a friend are going to make our own track in FLS XXL 10 for our Abstract Film so expect too see that sometime in the coming weeks.

Ooooo, look at the beautiful water! I want to jump in!

Till next news post, Stay Gold.

2nd Year anniversary

S'up all ya'll NG's? This is just a short news post to say that I'm not gone. Just haven't made anything in FL10 worth posting here until recently.

I have new shit boiling so stay tuned.

My Punk-O-Matic Compositions.

2011-02-13 13:35:22 by cjsnow1

Here's my first: 9---6-83---3---1--9--------4-6-2---5-5 -57774-6757771-5-2-0-771---2---5-1---3 3--34-879c----663-3-4---1-------8---3-
----0---0---1---bca-----93-3-4-4-1---1 ---2-2-3-4-0---1---1---3-3-4-3---9-4-7 -8-8-6-----0-----0---2-29-a

More to come as I make them.

My Punk-O-Matic Compositions.

Hey everybody!

2011-01-27 22:16:16 by cjsnow1

I made my own sub-domain website here: Dropping Anchor © 2010

It's pretty minimal right now but I'll work on it.

Check out the music section for a tid-bit of my tastes.

Hey everybody!

So I recently fell in love with Ableton Live. After looking at WineHQ Live 7 is my best bet.
After finding it and running it, It is slow as hell. Probably due to me only having 1 Gigabyte of RAM. lol. :)

Happy New Year